Foy Family : Brooklyn Family Photography

When Sophia made her debut to the Foy Family, it was so obvious how smitten they were with her! Smiles and cuddles were plentiful, and I’m so happy they have these beautiful memories in an heirloom album and wall art so that Sophia can see how much she has been loved since day one. It is a truly special gift that Sophia can see and feel that love every day!

Chinchar Family : NJ Family Photos

Christine reached out to me for some senior photographs for her beautiful daughter Emily. We had a lovely afternoon together and were able to sneak a few fun family photos in there as well! I’m so excited they get to look at these beautiful photographs on their walls every day to remind them of this special time in their lives and what it means to them. 

Hite Family : Boston Family Photographs

Lindsay, Russell, and Samantha, what a family!! They flew me up to Boston to photograph what life is all about for them. Samantha is a big part of their daily joy together, with her special kisses and enthusiastic greetings. Lindsay and Russell have an amazing relationship together that we celebrated with a day of adventure, and also at home where they hold the most happiness. I’m so stoked these guys get to look at these photographs every day on their walls and remind them of what a great life they live together!

Fay Family : NJ Family Photography

When Jenny reached out to me that she wanted to have her family photographed, I knew how special this session was going to be. I last photographed them a few years prior when they were a family of 4, and now they had added to the family!  They are truly one of my favorite families ever. Genuine, kind, and a ball of laughs. We made some amazing artwork for each of the kids and the family too, special connections they can see every day and give them another reason to smile about :)